Your Four Options

I have just this minute taken one of my 2nd Dan Black Belts on a private lesson at our home address and we discussed these vital self defence points and of course a few others which I will put down on paper soon.

Okay then.

These are the top four decisions you may be forced to make in response to a threat.

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Give Up
  • Posturing

Your choices:


You take the offensive and eliminate the threat immediately using intent, targeting, closing the gap, taking posture and power.

Your life may depend on what you do so it’s vitally important that you get it right first time.

Remember that there are criminals out there that want to attack you with no warning.


If this is an option for you during the heat of the moment then yes, get the heck out of it and run like the wind.

Only do this if there is an escape route available to you and you can run faster than the threat (Attacker).

Just bear in mind that there may be a possibility that you trip and fall over…

Or maybe the threat is faster than you.

Give Up

Yes, you can do this, however there are risks.

There have been many incidents whereby the criminals who perpetrate these actions get want they want and then kill the victim.

Something to think about.

The pressure is on in these vital moments.

I always advise people to learn effective and street based self defence to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to handle these dangerous situations.


The Cambridge dictionary says this:

behaviour or speech that is intended to attract attention and interest, or to make people believe something that is not true:.

Now this is the really dangerous action to take because if you can’t back up what you are saying with pre-emptive self defence skills then you may get yourself killed or at least seriously injured.

You are relying on the other person backing down.

What if they don’t!!

You are in big trouble so don’t ever do this.

Select the other options I have listed above.

The thing is that I strongly believe that everyone from a young age should learn how to protect themselves.

If I was to be put on the spot then…depending on the scenario I would always avoid trouble in the first instance and if that’s not viable then I would choose option one:


Stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day