The Need for Speed

Speed can be dissected into many aspects including ‘Starting Speed’ which is how you commence the strike or action giving you a BIG and CRUCIAL advantage.

This is what I teach in Combat Self Defence classes, courses and private lessons to all students.

Our drills are as follows:

Get a focus pad or pads and partner up.

Step slightly out of range of say, in this example a jab.

Get your partner who is striking the pad to react and strike through the pad as he or she moves forward to close the gap.

The main points are:

Don’t hesitate – as soon as the target appears hit it! Same as the attacker/s just hit the targets.

Ensure you don’t pull back your punching/striking arm as this will slow the action and the attacker in a live self defence situation may realise what you are going to do and avoid it.

Students need to engage these actions from either ‘Fighting Guard’, ‘Self Defence Position One’ or hands down to their sides.

This generates reaction, timing and speed.

This is what we want, so get those jabs, hooks, back fists, reverse punches going on the focus pads.

Lastly, ensure the pad holder applies appropriate force against the strikes to get the striker used to a ‘Strong target’.

More training tips next time and don’t forget my training course is on Saturday 26th November.

As you know, there will be lots of fireworks and drills as above.

See you there.

Shihan Martin Day

Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho Noosa