World Champion Boxer Robbed At Gunpoint

You may have heard about Amir Khan being robbed at gunpoint and having his $70k plus watch stolen whilst he was in east London.

Khan is a World Champion boxer and he knows how to fight…so what happened?

Before I go into this can I just say that I know that this incident took place in England but we’ve got stuff occurring here in Australia as well.

Virtually no country is exempt from violence so we have to be aware and implement the points I’m going to go through.

Have a quick read of this just to set the scene before I make a few comments:

First and foremost my view is that Amir Khan did the right thing by handing over his watch…especially with a handgun pointed at him whilst he was with his wife.

What would have happened though if they wanted more than the watch?

They may have decided to steal the watch and then assault/kidnap him and/or her.

They could have taken the watch and then shot him.

There have been many situations where a robbery has occurred and they have killed the victim not only because their faces were shown as the robbery occurred but because they were asocial predators.

That’s what they do.

You don’t know who you’re dealing with….

At the end of the day it’s your call and you have to judge the situation and how you are going to react in a split second.

Would this have happened if you had implemented situational awareness and alert codes?

Would you have taken the offensive immediately by using your fighting skills to stop them?

Did the criminals conduct surveillance on him over a number of days to establish Amir Khan’s routine?

Did they know him?

This is why you need effective self-defence training so you’ll have the skills to be able to know what to do without hesitation.

It all goes back to being alert, aware and as I said earlier becoming situation aware so that you reduce the likelihood of this happening to you.

Even if you don’t own an extremely expensive watch!

Until next time keep safe.

Shihan Martin Day

P.S. My immediate action would have been to smash the attackers hard and fast and then get out of it…

What would you do?