The Ultimate First Strike To Defeat Any Attacker!

Firstly, I want to introduce our two new cats Jack and Joe.

This makes our total tally of cats in our household to three!

Josie is the oldest at two and a half and she is a Maine Coon; the largest domestic cat in the world and our other two who are still kittens are Burmese.

You can imagine the havoc the kittens are causing but …it’s great fun, like Combat Self Defence and Flipino Kyusho training so long may it continue!

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS to our junior class student Rylan who won the top students award recently.

Rylan is only 11 years old and has been training with us for a little over a year.

He never misses a class or course, is respectful, dedicated and is a team player.

I have no doubt that he has a very bright future not only with us but in his personal life.

Well done again Rylan.

Bob (Not his real name) is a great friend of mine. We served in the British Army together.

Bob twenty two years and me twenty! We both went our separate ways but thankfully we have stayed in contact as true friends should do…

He joined the UK Police and I trained in martial arts and self defence eventually forming Combat Self Defence.

Now here’s the thing about training.

Because it’s so hot here it means that when we carry out our Combat Self Defence training warm up; we get the blood flowing faster and we transition to our skill sets almost immediately without fear of getting injured!

So, Bob joined the Police and I set up my training system.

So what would you do if you were attacked?

No escape, no exit points, no other options.

Just give up or fight back?

What are YOU going to do?

Well, have a look at this video clip on my website here:

UK Senior Police Officer Commends My Video – Thanks Bob!!

British Police Officer of many years carrying out street duties commends my Self Defence video clip “The Ultimate First Strike!” To End Any Fight Instantly – A Split Second Before it begins!

This is Bob’s message to me:

“Martin, a very easy to watch and understand method and techniques video. The first self defence action reminds me of a double hand push away I teach in the Police. Using the cutting edges of both hands; this strike is aimed at a person invading your personal space.

The blow is aimed at the nerve bundles just above the pecs. It should, if done correctly sit the person on their backside.

We use a verbal communication of ‘get back stay back!.

Normally this is enough to make the attacker think again. If it does continue we use a series of strikes to follow up.

Unfortunately Police Officers only get two hours a month self defence training, most of them will not do that in a year. I find it very frustrating.

When things go wrong you can forget about CS spay, Baton, Handcuffs it all starts from basic self defence”.

Well said!

Keep your eyes out for a complete refresh on my website including a download facility for my books and DVD’s along with specialist training equipment …coming soon.

Til next time,

Stay safe!

All the best.

Shihan Martin Day