Training – August 2022

You MUST Cause a Serious Injury to Survive an Attacker Armed With a Knife

The first thing that you MUST do if your situational awareness and alert code procedures have failed is to….

Run like hell and get out of there!

If you still can’t escape then you need to attack HARD and FAST and take out the attackers ability to use the weapon against you.

You do this by causing major injuries so that they can’t continue the attack.

“If they cannot see they cannot attack.”

“If they cannot breathe they cannot attack.”

‘If they cannot use their legs then they cannot attack.”

In other words…

Injure the eyes.

Injure the throat

Injure the legs

Go for one or all of the above.

You’ve got to use extreme violence based on training principles against the threat of extreme violence against you.

This is the ONLY way to save your life.

No time for flashy techniques.

Just go for the injury.

Yes, you’re very likely to get cut.

But you have a big chance to survive when incorporating the above.

So cause that injury!

Here I am in a short video causing injuries.

Our local TV station (Channel 7) filmed it and featured us on the 6 o’clock news.

See if you can spot Patricia, Marco, my sister and Darrin’s wife Claire in the group?

Channel 7 News Report Self Defence

Until next time.

Stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day

P.S.   My next specialised course:

Knife Defence Tactics & Drills to Stay Alive

Saturday the 13th August at 1pm at Noosa Leisure Centre.