Three Video Clips To Get You in Shape During Self Isolation

Here’s hoping that you, your family and friends are doing ok during the pandemic?

We are fine and of course adhering to social distancing and spending a lot of time at home training.

Our families, friends and Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho students around the world are doing well and fingers crossed it stays that way.

Ok, training tips…

I know most of you know this but I’m going to remind you about anyway:

It’s so very important to keep your mind busy and focused on the good not the bad and to keep your body moving and in shape.

This is also a great opportunity for all of us to use the extra time that we have at home and to work on increasing our self defence knowledge and skills.

If you need an extra reason to keep learning how to protect yourself then hop onto the news from around the world and you will see what they are doing.

This fear based attitude and aggression is all over the place and you never know when a situation may occur when you have to use your skills.

If you are in alert code yellow, which you should be of course, observing the behaviour of people that you see when you go out on your essential journeys.

By all accounts some people are on the edge with fear because of the pandemic and a lot ate acting aggressive and unpredictable.

This is why you are learning self defence so be even more focused and I will be going through steps for you to take to protect yourself in the case of a home invasion soon.

But for now to keep you in shape I have filmed three video training clips which some of you may have received already via text and the media.

Here they are with a few key points so that you get the best out of my body weight conditioning exercises.

Combat Alpha

Maintain correct posture.

Breathe deeply and correctly from your diaphragm.


Combat Bravo

Keep legs straight as you lift them.

Don’t cheat with momentum.

Engage core.


30-50 reps for at least three times per week and ensure you warm up first.


Combination One

Absorb, deflect and project (Principle) with a jab and cross.

Bend legs to lower body weight so that you maintain balance.

Step rear foot back and slide front foot in the same direction to absorb strike.


Remember, these clips are based on individual training during this temporary  self isolation situation.

Til next time stay safe everyone.

Shihan Martin Day .