Target Correctly – No Hitting & Hoping!

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan teaches Combat Self Defence in Noosa Sunshine Coast

Don’t be a victim.

Recently I have had a new influx of students that have been training in other martial arts and I am obviously pleased that they have committed themselves to training in Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho here in Noosa.

I am pleased because we train as a team and train at 100 percent effort with no slacking and everyone is well versed on applying training principles like:

  • Awareness
  • Positioning
  • Distancing
  • Targeting
  • Posture
  • Footwork
  • Elbows In
  • Small Circles

Occupying The Position the Attacker Needs to be to launch his attack.

All of these, along with many more principles.

This is part of many things they like about our way of training.

Let’s have a look at targeting, and as Grand Master Angelo says “No hitting and hoping”.

We need to target correctly and then confirm that we have hit the target by observing the way the body of the attacker reacts.

So, if you kick to the groin and injure this area spot on, then you will see that the attacker will automatically move his hands to his groin to protect it, whilst at the same time his chin juts out as he folds his body.

This is an automatic central nervous system reaction by the attacker.

You know you have hit the target when this happens and you can then choose another target …like Gall Bladder 31 on the outside of the leg.

I will be going through more principles, actions and self defence techniques on my forthcoming 7th annual all day combat self defence outdoor course.

Details are here and by the way, I have opened this course up to members of the public as long as they are in good health and aged 12 years and older.

Combat Self Defence All Day Outdoor Training Course

Sunday 11th June 2017

0830 hrs till 1700 hrs

Luther Heights Youth Centre, Coolum Beach

All meals, snacks and refreshments included with great training.

Contact me or Patricia to register your place before it’s full.

All the best.


Shihan Martin Day.