Road Rage & How to Avoid It – Part 2

I’ve had lots of positive feedback on my last article and it’s prompted me to show you another email from one of my long time Black Belts living in the UK in response to the points I made:


Hi Shihan,

I hope all is well with you.

Today is first day of British Summer Time. The clocks went forward an hour last night.

White to Orange Alert Level (your article Feb 2019)

As I was about to prepare for bedtime on Friday night, my wife told me there were a couple of people outside in the close that we live in. From a dark room, we saw silhouettes and a mobile phone screen. It was a cause for concern as there was a bit of swearing as well.

I was feeling sleepy at the time, but I went from White to Orange alert level surprisingly quickly. Must have been adrenalin as not long before that I was dozing off in front of the telly.

I informed my neighbour to be aware.

The next day my neighbour told me there was a party at a house whose garden backs on to the close. Two teenage girls live there, and she thinks that the two boys were trying to gate-crash the party. I think she must have informed the father who went to the father who went to the garden gate and told the boys to leave. My wife thought that was the end of it, but I told her that the boys might return – and they did.

Luckily, they decided to leave before the situation escalated.

I told my neighbour that I was concerned, as the boys could be carrying a concealed weapon and that I was concerned for the girls’ father. The reaction that I got from this neighbour is that “they are very unlikely to carry a weapon” and that a knife attack is very very unlikely to happen. My response to that is “it happens when you least expect it”. 

I recently found a broken bottle outside our house. It was a small bottle of gin, and we wondered how it got there.

I think my neighbour and I think differently. I follow the alert levels. It took a while to get back to Level White from Orange before I fell asleep.

Would I have taken action? I would – as a last resort, only to defend myself if threatened and only if I can back it up (based on the recent Road Rage article).

The best is to back off and live for another day. 

That’s all for now. All the best until next time.


I’m impressed and expected nothing less from one of our team.

Note how he raised his alert code from Yellow to Orange and he had the integrity to contact his neighbour to warn him about the threat.

The neighbour obviously didn’t or didn’t want to understand the real threat of being attacked, stabbed, cut with an edged weapon.

Unfortunately, he isn’t the only one.

Regarding the knife.

It’s the preferred weapon of the criminal.

Not everyone who carries a weapon is a criminal though.

I know a few people who carry them for their own self-protection even though it’s against the law to do so because they are scared and know that they cannot rely on the police to be there for them.

Bea in mind that it may be difficult to resist the temptation to use the knife in a level 5 (Low level threat) situation.

Don’t get into trouble.

I’m not advocating that you should carry a weapon unless it’s our “Deadly Dolphin’ covert weapon:

Another vital point in his email mentions that he and his wife observed the area from a room in their house with the lights off to avoid detection and escalating a potential situation.

It means that you are not silhouetted and not seen from the outside.









You can also enhance your covert positioning by standing a couple of paces back from the window and at an angle.

If there are bright light sources in your field of view like a street or security light, headlights or similar.

These can detrimentally affect your vision.

A good drill to practice is to close one eye if there is a sudden light source like a cars headlights in your field of vision.

This way you preserve your night vision in the eye that was momentarily closed.


Keep safe.

Shihan Martin Day


P.S.  If you want me to send you the alert codes I mentioned via email to you ail then let me know or follow the link below:

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