Predator –v- Victim

Combat Self Defence Noosa Self Defence Outdoor Course June 2017

Don’t be a victim…

You need to turn the tables on the attacker so that they become the “Victim”!

A lot of the time I see, hear and read the word “Predator.”

‘The woman was stalked by a ‘Predator.’

The middle aged man was bashed by a guy with ‘predatory’ behaviour.

In the wild a ‘predatory’ lion seeks out a victim or quarry.

So what Predators are looking for is an easy target to kill, injure and destroy, and in some situations for no reason apart from the high they get from it.

No matter if you have handed over your belongings, this does not guarantee your safety.

Please remember this and judge the situation you are in accordingly.

What would they do, these predators, if you instead decide not to comply even if they are trying all kinds of methods to keep you in place as their victim.

They may well be using verbal intimidation…so you need to know how to deal with this as well.


So what do we do?

The answer is this:

We should plan and carry out explosive actions that the predator does not expect and that is…

To reverse the situation and turn their violence on to them by using physical self defence skills using appropriate force.

Don’t wait to be hit or grabbed just move yourself to protect yourself, put them down, ensure they stay down on the ground and then get the heck outta there.

The attacker expects his quarry to act as a victim in a cringing, defenceless way.

He does not want to be jabbed in the eye, kicked to the groin, smashed in the face, double leg sweep and so on, that’s the last thing he or she wants.

Don’t get in an argument with him, don’t get intimidated – you owe him nothing so if you don’t deem it necessary to go physical straight away, then just walk away, keeping an eye on him as you do so.

This non-engagement strategy gives you a window of opportunity to plan what you are going to do to stop him in his tracks if the attacker/predator follows you and threatens physical violence on you for the second time.

How about changing the subject when he is using verbal intimidation on you?

By doing this means that you confuse his tiny brain for a moment whilst you plan what to do next.

I hope it is for you to implement what I mentioned earlier.

You need to injure him in a frenzied self-defence mode!

Most times this is the only way to stop them so that you can walk away safely.


Well that’s it for this time and I hope what I have written is useful to you as it has been to me, because..I have been in these situations where violence is the only answer to stop these people.

Talking about training, just to let you know I have some weekend specialised courses fast approaching, so if you can attend then let me know asap.


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Stay safe everyone.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan