Our New Black Belts In The Newspapers Plus Do Not Get Taken To The Ground By An Attacker

I trust that you are enjoying a positive start to 2018.

We certainly are and so proud of our new Junior Black Belt Tarah, 1st Dan’s Keegan and Jacob and new 2nd Dan Russell.

The newspapers decided that it was such a good story of determination, dedication, skill and courage for all 4 students to pass that they printed this in the newspaper:

Looking at the student photos reminds me of when I was in uniform all those years ago as a soldier.

One of the very first courses I attended was a 4 week Unarmed Combat Instructor, Pressure Points & Arrest & Restraint Instructors course held in Aldershot, England known as the “Home of the British Army”.

I remember how I was aching after every training day even though I believed that I was super fit.

Running and lifting weights wasn’t enough to be conditioned for this course.

I didn’t know it then but body weight conditioning is the key to being in great physical shape.

Keep an eye out for my new updated website with my training books and DVDs available for download or via post in the coming weeks.

Have written a book called Fighting Fit Conditioning and will give you more details on this in due course.

Going back to the Unarmed combat course in England though..

It hurt like hell on this course.

Every morning, I and about 20 others had to literally drag ourselves out of bed; it felt as if a tank had run over us! The SSI Staff Sergeant Instructor, Army Physical Training Corps was a bit of a brute and relied on his Judo Black Belt experience to hammer us.

Well we were soldiers at the end of the day and we had to be tough – ready for battlefield conditions.

Kill the enemy and all that.

The first phase ‘warm up’ every morning consisted of being knocked around by the “Brute” & the other instructors on the ground mat. They got hold of us every time and wrapped our arms & legs & heads into extreme positions so that we couldn’t move.

The pain was excruciating.

If I knew then what I know now then they would have had a VERY hard time trying to take me down!

Don’t Get Taken To The Ground

I made a BIG decision then that nobody would ever take me to the ground.

This is what I teach my Combat Self Defence students here in Noosa.

I teach awareness, actions and drills in my classes in order to prevent an attacker or attackers from taking my self defence students to the ground.

No matter what the attacker throws at you.

I dislike ground fighting so much that I conducted research on street situation self defence and I confirmed that if you allow yourself to be taken to the ground then you are at extreme risk from getting badly injured or even killed.

Especially with the animal group mentality on the streets these days..

You know the type.

The cowards who kick you in the head as hard as they can and as many times as they can when you are down on the ground just for a laugh.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned respect and assistance.

Where was I, yes the cowards who kick you in the head – brain damage, broken teeth, smashed skull…

Keep It Real

Talking about modern self defence training…

Self Defence Training Principles are the Key

  • Relaxed Energy
  • Body Positioning
  • Distancing
  • Targeting
  • Use your body as a complete unit
  • Occupy the space of the attacker
  • No gaps
  • Intent

As a result of learning these skills the chances are very much reduced in being taken to the ground.


Combat Self Defence Unarmed Combat Course

The first one of 2018 is nearly here and is open to the public as well as students.

Saturday 3rd February 2018.

1pm until 3 pm

Noosa Leisure Centre

Get your names down as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.

You won’t be disappointed.

Just call 07 5442 7849 or email me info@combatselfdefence.com.au

All the best and stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day