Nearly Got Taken Out By A Tree Branch!

My car got hit and dented.

Well, I was driving back from training with Patricia and Jenny in the back and with Grandmaster Angelo in the front with me after finishing training in Noosa.

The roads back to my house which is in the hinterland are single track, hilly and bendy with trees overhanging the majority of the road, as soon as we had turned left into Sunrise Road in Tinbeerwah from Tewantin.

It was just prior to dusk and the wind was starting to rev up; just us on the road with no other traffic to the front or the rear of us when, without warning this tree branch hit us front on.

Too late to take avoidance action as it hit us in the blink of an eye.

Slammed into the front fender just missing the left side headlight and then it bounced onto the bonnet and straight into the windscreen.

Fortunately the windscreen, made of toughened glass, withstood the impact as the branch went straight over the roof and landed in the road.

I kept driving and didn’t end up crashing into the trees, even though I was not only distracted by the branch impact but also the screams in the car of “Look out!” from Patricia and Jenny.

Me and Angelo just looked at it each’s a blokey thing isn’t it?

Anyway, made me realize that our lives can change for the worst in a split second.

It’s like being attacked by thugs on the street.

No warning and no problem if you have trained in self defence like I train my students in Combat Self Defence Noosa and GM Angelo teaches his students self defence in his Filipino Kyusho Association training.

Be ready for anything and be calm.

Action beats reaction every time and if taken unaware then fight your way out keeping a cool head.

Principles are there for you to condition your mind and body starting with awareness.

I know you can’t do anything in that split second the branch hits your car, but you can do something if an attacker has a go.

Awareness, distancing, positioning, targeting, management of spaces.

This is what we teach.

Til next time, stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan

P.S. GM Angelo and Jenny are now safely back in England and my car goes into the garage next week..