My Top 10 Exercises To Help You To Develop Flexibility

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan demonstrates extreme Combat Self Defence Noosa flexibility

This is a follow up from my last article on the benefits of being flexible in your training and on the streets.

So important to keep active as the body adjusts in a bad way to inactivity; just look around you at some people struggling to keep mobile and injury free.

I see this everywhere.

At the supermarket the other day and I observe the entry, checkout and exit points to see how people were getting on pushing trolleys, loading, unloading groceries and so on.

Okay, some had injuries but a lot, I reckon about 70% of the shoppers at differing ages that I saw during the period of about 40 mins were hobbling and puffing and blowing.

They were not fit, not mobile and not flexible.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Here are my top ten exercises that I practice and teach to my Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho students in Noosa:

  • Jogging on the spot – pumping the arms and lifting the legs higher as you warm up
  • Limb rotations – arms, elbows, hands, upper body, hips, knees, ankles
  • Leg Lifts – forward, backwards, sideways, up centre and outwards
  • Stretching to floor legs straight, back straight
  • Stretching whilst sitting – hurdle stretch
  • Squatting, elbows forward with flat feet facing forward
  • Side splits progressions
  • Slow loose kicking – front kicks – round kicks – crescent kicks
  • Cat stretches
  • Kneeling on floor and stretch backs

My bodyweight conditioning (3 DVD set) and boom shows you how to do the above and a lot more.

Call me to order yours on Combat Self Defence 07 5442 7849

Till next time; as always stay safe and if you are local then book into my next course here:

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Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan