My New Combat Self Defence Essential Training Tips

For those of you that don’t know, I have changed our name from Combat Karate to Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho.

It’s time to move on.

I haven’t taught ‘karate for some time now as my emphasis in training is, and always has been; keep it real SELF DEFENCE.

Our new name speaks volumes about what I teach.

  • So it’s no to this:
  • No Japanese terminology
  • No White suits
  • No Katas
  • No actions that are not related to self defence

It’s yes to this:

  • Dynamic, tough, keep it real training
  • Filipino Kyusho as taught to me by Grand Master Angelo Baldissone 8th Dan
  • British Army Unarmed Combat
  • Fighting Fit Bodyweight conditioning
  • Forms
  • Teamwork/Leadership
  • Black uniforms

Combat Self Defence as taught by me in Noosa continues to be an all action system of self defence and martial arts for children and adults.

Our classes are still every Monday and Thursday with the adult class back to training already from the Christmas holidays.

Kids classes re-start on Thursday the 28th January 2016.

Here are the training tips I promised you:

1. Train for you & train in the moment. “I still want to be skilled & strong minded, so I still train as hard as before. As a self defence practitioner, instructor, motivator & martial artist, I do not want to lose myself in yesterday. I want to be ready to use these skills at anytime.”

2. Visualise. “I use meditation to focus on the inner strength in my abdomen & core. I know from experience that if you are able to focus on the inner strength of your mid-section, you can fire yourself up & defeat an attacker/s or opponent under any circumstances with relative ease.”

3. Keep learning about yourself. “Keep learning & keep adapting and keep leading by exampler. If you don’t then in my view you are not qualified to call yourself a martial artist.”

Remember to keep it real!

4. Be Modest. “Our Combat Self Defence Martial arts training in Noosa, starts and finishes with respect and dedications. In order for us to train, we need support and understanding from our families. We must continue to be thankful for being in good health, being alive and to be fortunate to be able to train in martial arts.”

5. Help others. “I always lead by example and help our special Combat Self Defence students to get healthy, bodyweight conditioned and build themselves up in confidence and self defence ability to become better & responsible people so that they are able to make a success of their lives.”

That’s all for now, but don’t forget to check out my new website here:

There is a video of me and the students on the home page….

Keep training & stay safe!

Shihan Martin Day