My New Car & Sociopaths

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks what with my birthday – please don’t ask how old I am!

Put it this way, I will be collecting my bus pas in a few years time OMG…

Thoroughly spoiled with a new (2nd hand) car and it’s my 3rd Jeep.

My old car which was an X5 car got hit and dented and being ten years old with a few mechanical problems it was time to move it on.

Did my research, tested a few cars and went with the Jeep purchased from Cricks Noosa.

The guy that sold me the car was outstanding throughout.

Craig Mitchell even lent me the car for about 4 days with no obligation.

He was true to his every word and he has just started Combat Self Defence training with us so I am more than impressed.

Adding to the excitement, Patricia organised a week away for us both in Port Douglas near Cairns in tropical north Queensland which is only a two hour flight away from our home.

Had a great getaway with Combat Self Defence & Filipino Kyusho left in the very capable hands of my Black Belts.

Thank you to Russ 1st Dan and Marco and Jack 2nd Dan’s.

It’s marvelous to be surrounded by good, efficient people/students/instructors.

Let us remember though that there are a few people out there who aren’t like you and us.

They are the ones who want to pick a fight, steal, bash, injure or even kill you and sometimes for no other reason than to just do it.

Yep, there are a few sociopaths out there and I hope that they will never cross your path.

If they do then you must do everything in your power to protect yourself.

Here’s a few tips based on my ‘live’ experience:

  • Be aware
  • Don’t act like a victim
  • Maintain distance
  • Position yourself correctly
  • Weigh up your options
  • Avoid trouble at all costs
  • Identify exit points
  • Look for other associates as it may be a distraction strategy in play
  • Target correctly and go for vulnerable target areas – pressure points
  • Multiple strikes til they go down based on the threat level
  • Use holds locks restraints if threat level is low

So remember, some people aren’t like us and we must do everything in our power – legally – to protect ourselves, our family and our friends.

Before I go, I have put on a specialised course for all Combat Self Defence students here in Noosa this Saturday 25th November at 1 pm.

My next self defence course open to the public is taking place early in 2018.

In the meantime, if you want to learn self defence come along to my classes.

I also have DVD’s available so just ask me and I will give you the details.

Til next time stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan

Combat Self Defence & Filipino Kyusho

P.S.  New website coming your way with DVD download facility so watch this space