Look What Happened in Sydney

It’s vitally important for you to know what is going on around us and how this all too often situation may affect you and the lives of your family and friends.

There’s a high chance that if you do not know what to do to protect yourself then you are in trouble.

Warning – strong language both verbal and written in this video

Would you get involved to save people from being stabbed?

If you do, then would you react on your own or rely on being part of a group?

How would you restrain the attacker?

Would you be breaking the law if you took physical action?

Would you rely on your ‘empty hands’ or would you use available everyday objects?

Is a crate and chair your choice or would you use some other items?

How would you deal with the aftermath of this as a ‘restrainer’ or an injured victim?

What are your thoughts about the emergency services?

What are your thoughts about the 3 guys who had the intent and courage to do what they did to stop the attacker?

Fingers crossed that an attack like this never happens to you and our thoughts go out to the young woman who was killed and to her family and friends.

Also, we wish a full recovery to the young woman who was stabbed in the back.

Something to get your thought processes focused on..

Stay safe out there.

Shihan Martin Day.

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