Injure The Attacker So That You Are In Control


There’s a lot of distractions going on out there what with this Covid-19 situation.

An attacker may well take advantage of you.

He knows that you may have a lot on your mind and he is looking for that opportunity to injure you.

Over the past weeks since we have started to enjoy the relaxing of the restrictions here in Queensland a lot of perpetrators have come out of the woodwork and carried out numerous violent assaults and murders.

So what do we do to keep safe?

Here is my quick check list of some of our training principles:

  • Intent
  • Awareness
  • Positioning
  • Distancing
  • Targeting
  • Posture
  • Footwork
  • Elbows In
  • Small Circles
  • Management of Spaces

If you are not a student of mine then drop me a line and I will give you a more in depth explanation of the above.

Ok, so let’s look at a split second before an attack is imminent…

Do Not Get Distracted

No messing around with this, no thinking of a plan of action, no being worried about where the CCTV cameras are located, no thoughts about what if you have to go to court to justify your actions, no thoughts about getting hurt and so on..

How To Survive

This is what you must do:

1          No dithering.

2          Move first and fast and cause an injury that will stop your attacker in their tracks.

3          Thrust your finger into their eyes, knockout strike to the neck, jaw, temple and other vulnerable areas.

4          Kick to the legs, strike the groin.

Once you injure them it means that they are on the ‘back foot’ and their thoughts are around them being the victim and therefore you are in control.

Your safety is based on you causing an injury.

So injure first and then get out of the area.

Bear in mind that an attack can literally come out of nowhere.

This means that you need to be ready.

You need to be in alert state yellow at all times.

I have gone through the alert codes and explanations on previous articles so have a look here:

Lastly, you may need to cause multiple injuries and expect to get hit but do not waiver from causing this crucial injury so that you are in control and not a victim any more.

Til next time keep safe.

Shihan Martin Day

P.S. I will forward training up date soon.

P.P.S. Private lessons (Solo drills) with a maximum of two people are still available so get in contact with me to book your place.

The week fills up fast.