How To Protect Yourself Against a Knife or Other Weapon Type Attack

Martin Day demonstrates Self Defence agains a knife attack Combat Self Defence Classes and Courses Noosa Sunshine Coast

Yes, I know I haven’t been active writing articles recently, however it’s taken me some time to get my new website up and running along with all the points associated with changing our name from Combat Karate to COMBAT SELF DEFENCE in Noosa.
It was time for me to clarify to everybody what I have been teaching all these years –not ‘just’ Karate, so much more than that as all my students and instructors would attest to…my classes are ‘Keep it real’ self defence along with body weight conditioning and of course the highly effective ‘arts’ of Filipino Kyusho as taught to me by Grand Master Angelo 8th Dan.
These, along with British Army Unarmed Combat sums up what we are about…
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The Knife Situation
For those of you that saw the video clip that I posted some time ago; you would have seen a big adult male armed with a large knife waving it around outside Buckingham Palace in London. At one stage he thrusts the knife at Police before they restrain him. Luckily for the on-lookers and the Police, this guy was NOT serious and just wanted to bring attention to himself.
Try and work that one out….

My take on a REAL knife attack self defence situation’ as an ex-soldier and self defence instructor is this:

Self-defence against anyone armed with a weapon creates a distinct and critical disadvantage to the survival of the unarmed soldier or civilian.
The weapon is the focus point here as the lethal capability of this weapon to do harm is extremely high.
The knife or any other weapon is an extension of the person holding the weapon, no matter if they are large or small in size and it makes them lethal.

What Do You Do When Attacked By a Maniac With a Blade

Let’s be clear on this. A professional knife fighter, criminal, thug ex-convict would NOT show you the knife! (Forget about the ‘fights; you see on TV Hollywood style as most of it is in fantasy land.) The fact is that the ‘expert’ knife attacker would use a distraction technique in order to get in close to you and then make the stab to your vital organs. You would most probably not even realize that you have been stabbed until later on as you see and feel your blood being spilt as you hit the floor…

This is what you need to do in the initial stages of the threat to protect yourself and survive:

  • You must be aware about what is going on around you at ALL times
  • You must keep yourself at a safe distance
  • Don’t let anyone invade your personal space
  • Position yourself to take action & protect your vital organs
  • Hand To Hand Combat – Neutralize the Attacker/s

Anyone can pull the trigger of a rifle regardless of their size. Because the weapon, any weapon is our primary concern, it becomes the unarmed defender’s priority of action. However, and this is vital …you must neutralize, stop, injure the attacker. This is the main priority for your survival.

How to Exterminate the Threat

First, you must position yourself ready for multiple strikes against the attacker…NOT the knife! Your primary objective should be to shut down the main weapon of the attacker which is his or her brain. At the same time you must be aware of where the knife is and of other attackers in the vicinity.

You will probably get cut…..

You Must Enter & Close The Attacker Down

You do NOT block and you do NOT allow the knife to have the distance…in other words do not defend against the knife by stepping back and allowing the attacker to have distance whilst you carry out the following actions:

Remeber! You MUST close the attacker down!

Step in like a steam train with all of your body weight and kinetic energy and strike and attack vulnerable areas on the attackers body. This will ensure the attacker goes down and is not able to get back on their feet for some time so that you can escape.

Striking Points

Here are a few:

  • Eyes
  • Groin
  • Throat
  • Temple
  • Legs
  • Solar Plexus
  • Side of Neck
  • Back of Neck
  • Kidneys, Bladder
  • Pressure Points – Always!

Get the idea!!

If The Attacker Is Not Serious
If you decide the threat is not serious then you should learn to:

  • Restrain the attacker
  • Disarm the attacker
  • Control the attacker

I will go into more detail in future posts…

Use Your Ingenuity To Defend Youself

The unarmed soldier or civilian must think fast and take advantage of what is available to him or her. Use equipment and natural weapons like:

  • Soldier – using his helmet as a shield or as a weapon
  • Soldier – using his webbing and or ammunition belt as a whip
  • Civilian – Use an umbrella, coat, wallet, purse, mobile phone, keys, as a shield or weapon
  • Civilian – Throw items to distract the attacker
  • Both – Throwing sand, gravel, rocks, hot coffee or ice-cold water in order to cause a disruption to the attacker and slow his brain down so that you can step in and disrupt the knife attacker clearing the way to put him down so that you can escape.

Training Tips

Your main priority in a self defence scenario is awareness, positioning, evasion followed by a fast and powerful pre-emptive or counterattack.

Training should be conducted at s-l-o-w speeds so that you can TARGET vital points correctly.

When you are able to do this, then you speed up without injuring your training partner so as to allow for psychological/physical orientation of the actions/movements.
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!

By the way, the chances of you being attacked with a knife is extremely low so do not stress, just be prepared like my students. So if you are local to me book a date in your diary via telephone or email to attend my self defence classes and courses in Noosa every Monday and Thursday at 5 pm til 7 pm.

Til next time…stay safe!

Martin Day

7th Dan – Founder & Master Instructor