How To Keep Safe

When we have new students taking out membership I provide them with a membership pack which includes training principles and alert states.

Now I know I have covered this before but I’m just going to put these alert codes/states in plain language and as a quick guide.

If you implement them straight away then you never know; they might save your life and will definitely keep you out of trouble.

Alert State White:

You are not paying attention to anything going on around you. In your own world and unaware with the risk of you being perceived as a potential victim.

Alert State Yellow:

This is when you are mindful about what you are doing and what other people are doing and logging it into your situational awareness.

Alert State Orange: 

You recognise there is a dangerous situation that you may not be able to avoid so you prepare and fire up your intent to do what you need to do.

Alert State Red: 

Your adrenaline, which you have ensured is under control is preparing you to go physical and to neutralise the threat as you mentally rehearse your plan of action.

Alert State Black:

This is when you go physical in order to implement your plan and to defeat the enemy.

Until next time stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day