How Do You Protect yourself from a Terrorist Attack at an Airport

We are very pleased to see Combat Self Defence Instructor Sensei Patricia 5th Dan back from her adventures in England and Austria.

She had a great time catching up with friends and family in both countries including a catch up with our Black Belts in England; namely; Sophie 3rd Dan, Derek and Charlie  2nd Dan and the biggie: training with Grandmaster Angelo Baldissone 8th Dan and his Filipino Kyusho Black Belts, Guru Dan, Guru Dave and Steve.

Great photo of Patricia with the ‘Boys’

GM Angelo Baldissone's self defence seminar at Noosa Sunshine Coast September 2017

Check out GM Angelo’s website for more details about his FKA training and his state of the art DVD’s here:

So, there she was, Patricia, with my sister Jane who travelled to Austria from England with her and stayed with Patricia’s family, at the Imperial Summer Castle “Schoenbrunn” in Vienna

Sensei Patricia 5th from Combat Self Defence Noosa in Vienna

Patricia and her brother high in the mountains of Austria

Sensei Patricia 5th from Combat Self Defence Noosa in Vienna

All right for some and there’s me and our cat Josie eating from Red Cross parcels for 3 weeks whilst Patricia is away…..only joking and so pleased that Patricia was treating herself to a well earned rest and recuperation from her stressful job at the hospital here on the Sunshine Coast and of course looking after the cat and me to boot!

We all deserve to get away and chill out now and again don’t you think?

What if there was an attack on one of the international airports whilst she was in situ some of you have asked me.

Well, my brief to her and to you is this:

  • Be aware at all times
  • Look for suspicious activity
  • Don’t draw attention to yourself
  • Wear loose fitting clothes and proper footwear so that you are mobile
  • Decide what you are going to use as a weapon if an attacker closes in on you
  • Identify your exit points and the fastest route to the exit points
  • Decide on an ERV – Emergency Rendezvous in a safe and secure area
  • Be prepared to ‘Assault/Rush’ the attackers along with the assistance of other members of the public
  • Practice in your mind and at training your self defence strategies against one or more assailants

Be confident, powerful in both body and mind and have the intent to do something about the “situation”

You can only do this via regular training in self defence/martial arts.

If you are local to us here at Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho Noosa then give me a call to arrange private or group training and…

I have some VERY important news for you coming up in my next article in the next week.

So watch this space!

Stay safe all of you.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan