Get Flexible To Keep In Shape

Combat Self Defence Training Noosa Sunshine Coast

It’s been a long time I know since I last sent you some training tips; 1st November last year to be exact.

I’m going to rectify this in 2017 and send more posts so that you are able to accelerate your training knowledge and skill set, but firstly, and I know it’s late, I am wishing all of you a safe and successful 2017.

My Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho students went out with a bang in December with our Christmas awards and party at Noosa Leisure Centre along with students passing their promotions…including three new Combat Self Defence Noosa Black Belts (1st Dan’s) and two new 2nd Dan’s.

So it’s a BIG well done to the new 1st Dan Black Belts Andrew Bowen and Jez and Zade Harris.

To the new 2nd Dan Black Belts Marco Nadal and Jack Bowen.

They were featured in the local paper which was a good profile for them and all of us at Combat Self Defence Noosa.

Something to think about:

I always conduct a warm up every time I run the classes or courses; by the way, I have a course on this Saturday 4th February 2017 details a bit further down the page.

During the warm up and most times a warm down the students get taught how to get improve their flexibility.

So what are the main points about being flexible?

Helps you move faster and become more agile and mobile.

Reduces the risk of you getting injured; even in normal daily activity.

As you get older, you will be able to train in self defence/martial arts and other sports for longer.

It’s being able to move your joints through a wider range of movement without experiencing pain or discomfort.

The proof is me at age 61 being able to do this with a quick warm up!

Yes, the specialised Combat Self Defence course, details here:

Unarmed Combat Self Defence Course

Noosa Leisure Centre

Saturday 04/02/2017

1 pm until 3 pm

Wear loose clothes and bring water. All SAFE and controlled!

Minimum age is 12 for non-students.

Hope you can make it.

See you there or give me a call on 07 5442 7849 or email to book you in.

All the best and stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan