Further Options If Attacked By a Criminal Holding a Handgun

I always keep in regular contact with my Black Belts in England.

Charlie is one of my Black Belts and he’s trained for many years in martial arts.

He continues to train even at a senior age like myself because like me…

Self-defence is our passion.

In case you missed it I wrote an article recently

Have a read of it so that you know the background to this training article.

After I printed the article and set it ablaze via email, my website and social media Charlie wrote back via email and I asked him if I could print his thoughts on it and he agreed.

Here’s my previous training article in case you missed it:


This is what Charlie wrote:

My response to the training article is that Amir Khan did the right thing. An expensive watch was taken, but this is replaceable whilst life and limb are not. Also, his family was with him – more lives and limbs to consider.

Something that I have learned is that:

  • If a person with a gun gets close it means he wants to rob you. If his intention was to kill then he can shoot from distance.
  • If you’re being robbed just hand over your valuable as you don’t know the attacker. He/She could be a drug addict whose immediate goal is the next fix and is willing to do whatever it takes.
  • You also don’t know if there is an accomplice. Pickpockets sometimes operate in pairs. I was with my late aunt in John Lewis (London). She was browsing some small items on a shelf and there was nobody else around. A young lady appeared and she was also interested in the same items on the shelf. I thought she was too close, and that she could have waited for my aunt to move. My aunt then realised that her handbag was open and her wallet was gone. The girl said she didn’t take anything and showed her “bare” hands. She must have passed the wallet to an accomplice nearby. By the time the store detective (who looked like a potential shoplifter) the wallet could have been out of the store. My aunt lost £500. She was shopping for a wedding present for her daughter.

I also learned that I can also confuse the mugger in order to buy a bit of time. So, when handing over money I could say for example “I got blue ones, red ones, round ones, which would you like?”, or start speaking in words the robber doesn’t understand,  This gives me a little time to assess the situation. One man who was being robbed talked about his broken garden fence and how it wobbles in the wind (he made himself sound like a nutter). That distracted the robber and the man attacked him.

I have taken 2 wallets when travelling. Barcelona is a place known for pickpockets and thieves. One wallet is a decoy; it contains a little money and useless plastic cards. I’d hand over the decoy if robbed.

Lastly an old lady’s home was being burgled. She uses a walking stick and fought off the burglar who ran away empty-handed. I admire that, She had the “weapon” and distance. She deserves a medal.

In conclusion, I’d hand over what the robber wants as my life and limb are worth more. On the other hand, I’d love to teach the coward a painful lesson and get my money’s worth, but I first I must assess the situation. Using distraction and chat I could distract and confuse the robber, making him lower his guard. It gives me time to study his facial expression and assess. Ultimately, it is better to walk away and live another day. I’m sure Amir Khan’s expensive watch was insured, and he is a not coward.

My apologies for the long response. Self-defence is my passion and I can go on. Please let me know your thoughts, as I’m always learning.

What a humble and informed guy Charlie is.

Thank you for sharing.

Be careful out there and stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day