Don’t React To a Serial Killer

Don't react to a serial killer by Martin Day Combat Self Defence Noosa

Pretty strong heading right….

Yes, and I hope you understand why I used this heading when you read my advice on keeping you SAFE.

Here we are with my second update on my Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho Self protection Principles.

Most, if not all serial killers around the world have the look and character (On the surface) of being like the ‘Good bloke down the road’ or the “Nice lad next door’, you know what I mean?

But go beneath that veneer and nearly all cases show that they are expert at putting on an act and gaining the trust of their victims.

These killers possess very high intelligence along with cunning, subterfuge, charm and deceit.

They also use psychology in order to get close to their victims.

This enables them to hijack victims even in broad daylight with lots of other people about.

Take the ‘Boston Strangler’ in the 1960’s for example.

He killed 13 women of differing ages using all the points above….

None of the women had forced entry into their apartments; they let the ‘Strangler’ in and then they paid the ultimate price.

Now, it’s easy to get to the stage where, because of this, you trust absolutely no-one and you become paranoid.

That’s no way to live your life.

But there is no need to go down that path.

  • Just be ALERT and cautious about people you see and meet and..
  • Don’t take ANYBODY at face value.
  • If there is a knock on your door and a person is standing there wanting to speak with you, then ensure that you have a chain lock and/or peep hole.
  • Have a weapon close to hand.
  • Ask to see identification.
  • Keep your foot behind the door when you open it and make sure the chain lock is in place.
  • If you are equipped with a ‘panic button’ then be prepared to activate it.

Lastly, if it goes physical then make sure you have the intent to cause massive damage to the attacker and make as much noise as you can so that others may be able to assist you in stopping the predator.

If a car pulls up near you as you are walking down the street and they ask you for directions or similar then ensure that you do not get close and distracted.

Just keep walking and change direction against the flow of traffic so that the car can’t follow you.

Get out of there quickly and get into a shop.

Or you could scream for help and let everyone know that you are being followed.

Hope this never happens to you or to anyone you know.

Lastly, arm yourself with EFFECTIVE street protection, defence skills.

Incorporate the Principles and go hard to take the attacker down.

Until next time, stay safe and alert.

Shihan Martin Day

Combat Self Defence Noosa