Do, Do Ron Did It at 70 Years Young

Combat Self Defence Grade Belt Assessments for students in Noosa Sunshine Coast

Well, our good friend and student of self defence and Filipino martial arts did it…

He passed his first promotion assessment straight after taking part in my senior Combat Self Defence class.

He did so well and I always marvel at the dedication of my students and the will to succeed.

Keep it going all of you, onwards and upwards.

Like the big promotion assessments I held last weekend.

Congratulations to all of you and in particular to those of you that passed to advanced level.

Namely, Will, Hunter, Lucy & Meg.

What a huge effort as it is not an easy assessment.

You have to experience it to see what I mean.

Here are the photos of the event:


Now, sorry this is late but here goes…

MMA Fighter Connor McGregor Was an Easy Target 

The recent boxing match between Mayweather the world champion boxer and McGregor the world champion mixed martial arts fighter was very interesting.

Macgregor was fighting within boxing rules not MMA rules so he was already at a big disadvantage; and I and many of my colleagues who have experience in fighting/combat knew that it was a foregone conclusion that the boxer would win and win he did the 10th round with a TKO (Technical knock out).

I reckoned that Floyd Mayweather could have KO’d Connor McGregor out in the first few rounds; but would that have given value for money for the millions of viewers watching the fight live and who had paid a lot of money up front to see it?

Other points that I took away from the fight as it relates to training skills and principles as I teach in Combat Self Defence:


  • Awareness
  • Posture
  • Positioning
  • Centreline
  • Distancing
  • Footwork
  • Elbows in
  • Targeting
  • Intent

Those are just a few.

Did the fighters implement them…

Whoever said that training was easy?

Stay safe and keep your eyes open on my upcoming training tips as I will be giving you a heads up on Grandmaster Angelo’s Australian seminar which takes place on the 23rd September here in Noosa.

Shihan Martin Day

7th Dan

Combat Self Defence.