Combat Self Defence Training Tip – Pressure Point Targeting To Stop An Attacker

“Be certain to attack a place on the attacker’s body that is not protected”

Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your Easter holidays.

We certainly are and it’s a good time for me to catch up on the admin and start to plan for resuming teaching in the classes on Monday the 29th April.

So, back to correctly identifying and targeting pressure points on the human body:

A KO is ALWAYS the preferred option depending on the threat level.

In almost every area of the body there will be a pressure point location that can be struck to maximum effect so that the attacker is unable to continue his assault.

KO is the best way to go

Knocking them out or causing partial paralysis by injecting a massive amount of energy, will as I have just said, knock them out.

Always remember that there is a possibility that this strike could take the life of the the attacker.

Be EXTREMELY careful when you practice with your training partners.

Attack Signs

Additionally, you need to recognise the signs that an attack on you is imminent.

Watch the expression on the face of the attacker and try not to focus on the expected torrent of abuse from them.

They may be snarling and spitting.

Like a rabid dog!

They want you to focus on this and be intimidated so that when they physically attack you it will be easy for them.

Unfortunately, that’s what these people are like.

But do not get distracted.

Do not lose your focus on your intent to defend and protect yourself.

Shoulder moving back preparing to hit you is a giveaway

Watch out for the attackers shoulder and punching arm as he pulls it back in preparation to launch his assault on you.

It’s the same giveaway with a kick, elbow, knee and head butt.

They use an actual and subconscious momentum.

The importance of learning effective self defence is paramount and our Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho training classes and courses in Noosa.

By doing this you will be able to recognise the threat even more and deal with it by implementing our training PRINCIPLES.

Immediate Action

Always pre empt the threat.

Meaning you should attack first if there is no way you can escape the situation.

This should always be your immediate action drill.

If you miss this pre emptive opportunity, then think about what the attacker has to do to make contact with you.

They must attack with their extremities; in other words they must put out their arm, leg, head, knee, elbow towards you in order to attack.

Once they place a part of their body near you, they are in effect giving you another target to attack.

Correct Targeting – No Hitting and Hoping

Now, don’t get confused about this…yes, you can disable them by striking their arm or leg and so on, but be careful where your focus goes as you can be distracted by this and not be aware of another strike coming in at you from the same attacker or other attackers.

Especially if you haven’t disrupted their posture.

I teach my students to move forward on the attackers centre line so that you close them down (close the gap) using full bodyweight, speed and power and to take their posture.

At the same time, identify and correctly target multiple pressure points.

Like the one in the photo at the start of this training article.

This strike if delivered correctly will knock them out straight away’

In more detail:

Target Gall Bladder 20

This is located on the rear of the neck, either side of the spine.

Strike in and up towards the opposite side of the head using relaxed energy and with negative thought.

You mat have noticed in the photo graph that my fist is positioned differently compared to a ‘normal’ clenched fist.

This is because it is a

Kyusho Fist

It’s always best practice to learn how to form a kyusho fist, which takes a bit of practice at first, however, like everything we do; practice makes perfect.

Repetition and repetition.

Strike the target with the middle knuckle or the small knuckle on the outside of the hand for better effect.

This way, the energy that you deliver is contained in a small area and not dispersed over a wider area.

I will talk more about the kyusho fist, relaxed energy and power generation in future articles.

Thanks go to Darrin for being the target in the photo.

I hope that you find that this above training tip is of value and I look forward to catching up with you again soon.

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Stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan

Combat Self Defence & Filipino Kyusho

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