Combat Self Defence Training Noosa – Mob Machete Attack!

So what would you do if you were threatened by 30 guys brandishing machete’s!

Had a very positive reaction and feedback from my last article on how to protect and defend yourself against a knife attack or an attack with other similar type of weapons .

One of the best was this one from a still serving, senior soldier in the British Army. We served together and we was my ‘boss’ for a number of years.

For security reasons I am not mentioning his name or any other details.

This is what he told me:


 I read this with interest. 

 Thinking back to an operational tour serving with the UN in Sierra Leone in 2001, I was alone in the outskirts of Freetown, refuelling our UN 4×4 vehicle and filling 8x jerrycans at the same time. I was confronted with a mob of approx 30(+) males brandishing machetes, who wanted to steal the fuel in the jerrycans. Although I was armed with a 9mm pistol (though with just 2x loaded magazines), I took the easy route out by firing 2x shots into the air to buy myself a few seconds to jump into the vehicle and drive off. Forget the jerrycans… wasn’t worth getting involved for the sake of some fuel!

Sometimes even for me “common sense” prevails – you must have taught me something during our time in the British Army together?!

 Hope you are keeping well?


So, remember, be alert and be sensible if you are in a dangerous situation.

That way you live to enjoy another day!

All the best and stay safe all of you.

Shihan Martin Day

PS: I have organised a Self Defence Course for Women this Sunday the 10th of April 10am to 1pm at Noosa Leisure Centre. Please contact me to book your place. 12 years plus.