Combat Self Defence Striking Action – Roundhouse Kick

Combat Self Defence Noosa and Filipino Kyusho Sunshine Coast Roundhouse Kick Self Defence

In traditional martial arts the term for this kick is ‘mawashi geri.’ As part of my Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho training; I teach students to use this kick for self defence as we don’t compete in martial arts tournaments any more.

Remember that I teach effective self defence incorporating vital PRINCIPLES.

Principle number one is to keep good posture (Balance) and take the posture (Balance) of the attacker at ALL times.

So use this devastating body breaking kick in order to defend yourself and smash an attacker as a first and last resort.

I teach a round house kick off the rear leg, a step round kick off the front leg & sometimes a jumping round house kick .

Remember that the higher the kick, the more vulnerable you are!

So be careful.

In the photo, I am showing positioning and flexibility.

Unless the situation warrants it do not kick high in self defence as you are VERY vulnerable.

Another type of kick is a reverse round kick (hook kick).

I also teach another very uncommon variation which is a ‘tight’ round kick which enables you to kick even faster when your target is clearly identified..

How To Use The Round House Kick:

  • The knee position of your kicking leg must be raised  & used as an aiming mark to propel the leg to target.
  • The pivot leg should turn outwards in sequence with the kick to add power and speed and to avoid damaging your hips, knee & ankle of your supporting leg.
  • The Kick must be FAST and loose.
  • Keep your hand protection in place.
  • Relax & just let the kick ‘fly!.

More Striking Options:

The round kick/ round house kick has more options than you realize. Depending on how you rotate your hips, this kick can slice into the attackers at an upward or downward angle, or into the target perpendicularly.

Correct Targeting:

Essential principle!

No hitting and hoping.

We always target pressure points.

More on pressure point striking later.

Use the instep and the shin at close range, with no limitations.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Specialised Combat Self Defence Course – Saturday 11th June 2016

Contact me on 0410 456 150 or via email for further details.

Til next time…stay safe!

Shihan Martin Day