Combat Self Defence Noosa Training Tips – “Practice Makes Perfect Sense!”

“I fear not the man who practices 10,000 techniques once, but the man who practices one technique 10,000 times.”

The meaning of this old Chinese saying is clear.

The ‘secret’ to being able to achieve perfect, precise and advanced actions and techniques incorporating our Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho training principles both physically and mentally is only gained through continued practice.

Ideally, the majority of your practice takes place in classes and courses whereby you will be able to test your skills with your training partner.

Only by constant practice of regular training and powering hundreds of footwork drills, positioning, distancing, strikes, absorptions, deflections, holds, take-downs and also increasing your fitness, conditioning and flexibility drills will you be empowered to be able to use your knowledge of the principles linked with the actions to become fast, powerful and mobile.

Hone Your Intent

It also hones your intent to carry out instinctive actions based on your training if you ever need it on the streets.

Without this type of preparation and readiness you will be vulnerable if attacked and you will be the victim.

This is because you’ll be forced to think about what you should do to protect yourself instead of using instinctive actions to neutralise the attacker.

Don’t Become a Victim and Don’t ‘Freeze!’

Without this practice you may freeze and not be able to do anything to protect yourself

By incorporating lots of practice in your training enforces and increases your perception and reflex skills.

Remember that your actions need to be highly effective and you should be able to stop anyone regardless of their size and strength.

Drugs and Drink

The attacker may be high on drugs and/or affected by alcohol.

Either way, this situation should not trouble you.

If you train your self defence drills correctly and with repetition then you will be able to defeat an attacker.

If you are concerned about what you would do when confronted by an attacker without a weapon, let alone an attacker armed with a weapon then you need to be extra sharp and extra confident with your actions to nullify the threat.

Attackers With Weapons

This is a deep subject, and one that confuses many.

If you are attacked by an attacker wielding a blunt or edged weapon then you need to incorporate all that you have practised and learned at training.

After all, a weapon as mentioned above is just an extension of the hand and should be treated as such.

Be aware of the weapon but do not purely focus on the weapon.

What you should do is carry out the drills you have learned through constant repetition.

To assist you on this, I have recently filmed some DVD’s featuring ‘Fighting Sticks’ (Weapon defence and weapon offence).

In my DVDs I show you how to use sticks as a weapon and I show you how to use them for striking and disarms against an attacker using a stick or club as a weapon against you.

Included are mobility and co-ordination drills and sets including twirling the sticks that will also sharpen your timing, speed and reactions.

You can get them here:

Classes Re-Start

By the way, our training classes re-start on Monday the 15th July at Noosa Leisure Centre.

Specialised Training Course – Weapon Defence – Sticks and Knives

Don’t miss it!

When:              Saturday 20th July 2019

Where:             Noosa Leisure Centre

Time:               1 pm until 3 pm

This is also open to members of the public with a minimum age of 12 years.

Please phone 5442 7849 or email to book your place.

Course Fees

Under 18’s      $30 each          (Non-Combat Self Defence students)

Adults             $40 each          As above

Keep it real and practice, practice!

Stay safe and be careful out there.


Shihan Martin Day