Combat Self Defence Noosa Training Tips


Lots of my students, friends and people I meet and even some members of my family ask me how they can get fit, lose weight, burn fat and get in shape fast.

As I ran my unarmed combat course and my classes over the last couple of weeks I noticed, and some of the new participants admitted that they were ‘very unfit’.

My answer to them and you is to come along and train regularly in my Combat Self Defence classes and then you will definitely get fit and flexible in next to no time as long as you eat healthy food and live a healthy lifestyle.

Here are my top 5 exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere.

Ensure that you do a good mobility warm up first before starting the training.

Also understand that you need to be consistent and have the correct mind for the full benefit of these exercises.



To get in shape, you not only have to eat and live healthily but you also have to EXERCISE!

Incidentally, these exercises will not incur any gym fees and you don’t have to take time out to travel to the gym either so you are in a win win situation.

You don’t need flash workout clothing & training shoes as per the gym or pilates, yoga class either– you can train at home, at your workplace or anywhere you can utilize for your training space.


Here they are:

Press Ups – Push Ups

This exercise will get your blood pumping and you will build strength & power and get muscle gains in your shoulders, arms, chest and mid-section.

Keep your body straight and don’t rest on the ground!

Arms shoulder width apart or vary angles to ‘hit’ other muscle groups.

I and my students ensure that we keep our elbows in for the duration of this exercise and also push up on our fists particularly focusing on placing the first 2 knuckles next to the thumb on the floor.

Not only does this action comply with our self defence training principle of ‘Elbows in’; it results in punches and strikes that are straight, fast and powerful.

I change to push ups on my fingers as well and I used to rep them with thumbs only.

That was when I was younger!



Crunches are without doubt one of the best ways to build your abs, making your mid section and core so much more stronger and powerful.

Remember that your mid section and core in particular control all of your actions so that you move faster and you are able to create very powerful energy as well.

You may even lose fat around your mid-section.

They are easy to do and the more reps you carry out the quicker you will see results.

Ensure you eat healthy foods and drinks.

You must cut out fast food, sugary drinks and alcohol.

Right then,

Lay down on your back, bend your legs and ensure that both feet are flat on the floor.

Position your hands behind your head or across chest and slowly curl up/sit up all the way to your breathing out as you do so and make sure you engage your core at all times.

For an extra conditioning ‘burn’, curl halfway up and hold for 3 -5 seconds and repeat 10-15 times in 3 sets.



This squat training exercise again builds your core, thighs, abs, calves, tones you up and burns fat.

You need to be co-ordinated on this.

Squat all the way down keeping your back straight and push through your heels as you semi straighten your legs to stand up.

Feet should be positioned about shoulder width apart with your feet facing forward.

3 sets of 10-15 reps.


Your last two combat conditioning exercises are:

Combat Alpha

This is a combination exercise so stand-by.

Stand with your feet apart and raise your arms to a horizontal position.

Lift your left leg up and out, same with your right leg and then squat down returning to a standing position and pull your arms across your chest.

Carry out 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions


Combat Bravo

Once again, same as Combat Alpha, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold your left arm hand open in front of you.

Next, lift your left leg straight so that your toes touch your hand (targeting).

Keep good posture throughout all of these exercises and do the same with your right hand and right leg.

Then squat down and return to standing position.

That’s one rep.

You need to carry out 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

When your conditioning improves add more reps and train at a higher intensity.

Remember, you must use your core and keep good posture on every exercise .

Hope this helps you to get fit strong, flexible and powerful.


I have a lot more drills for you to get into great shape in my Fighting Fit Conditioning book and 3 DVD set.

My updated website will have them and others available for download or just call me and I will send you a hard copy.

Prices will be shown on my new website when it is up and running.

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All the best and stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day

7th Dan