Combat Self Defence Noosa Training Tips: Don’t Get Stabbed

Apologies to everyone for not sending any training tips and personal protection information to you recently.

The reason is that I have had  a few problems with the technical side of my computer and mailing lists, so now, hopefully, we are all up and running again so please keep an eye on my website, facebook posts and you tube video channel as I am placing video training drills and information on there.

My aim is to place a selection of video clips on the above media on self defence, martial arts skills and knowledge, knife and stick training drills and of course body weight training …army style as I do in every Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho class and course.

Lots of things happening here including Patricia spending time away to see her family in Austria, catching up with students in England and a fabulous trip to Venice with my sister Jane.

Here is a photo of her training with Grandmaster Angelo and his team whilst she was in England:

Patricia enjoyed marvelous sunny and hot weather throughout and has returned to our not so bad spring weather here in Queensland.

Right then, what else has been going on?

Well, I was interviewed a few weeks ago by the ABC’s Jon Coghill who you may remember as the drummer in the rock group ‘Powderfinger’.

Jon is such a down to earth and very likeable guy and he interviewed me about my ‘Knife Defence and power striking course’ which took place last month.

Jon said that his ABC Sunshine Coast program on a Saturday at 7am featured people doing interesting things …like me and us at Combat Self Defence.

So, the radio interview went ahead and then Jon asked me if I could do a bit of a knife defence demonstration on video so that he could place it on his ABC Facebook site with him acting as the attacker without any practice or talk through.

All went well as you can see in the video here:

You may also notice a camera shot of our cats in the house whilst we were filming on our deck!

Our 3 cats Josie, Jack and Joe:

Our wooden deck has some indentations in the wood where I disarmed Jon and the knife landed on the floor.

You know, knife crime has escalated in almost every major city and apparently, there are not enough police officers available to deal with it.

So we have to deal with it ourselves if we cannot get away from the threat of attack.

Remember that you must always incorporate situational awareness and ensure that you pre-empt the expected attack.

My students are taught to target pressure points correctly and to use enough power and skill to knock the attacker out cold so that the threat is neutralized within the law.

Reasonable force.

I show a couple of major points you need to know on the knife defence interview video clip.

Oh, and if you are in the Noosa area next month, I am running an unarmed combat self defence course on Saturday 13th October from 1pm til 3 pm at Noosa Leisure Centre.

Course is open to our students and to the public so contact us for details and it’s vital that you reserve your place.

Our contact numbers are 07 5442 7849 or 0410 456 150.

Alternatively send a message.

Stay safe and catch up again soon.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan

Combat Self Defence