Combat Self Defence Noosa Training Tips: “Another Great Year of Training and 2018 Award Winners”

Well almost another year over and here’s hoping you had a great Christmas with your family and friends.

Patricia and I spent Christmas Eve lunch at our house with a good friend who is ex-Army and his 14 year old daughter, one of our advanced level students in Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho here in Noosa.

We spent Christmas Day with our other dear friends Alex and Brenda who travelled up to our house from their Gold Coast home.

We had such a great time together with both families and we all spoiled each other with gifts and yes, it including gifts for our three cool cats Josie, Jack and Joe.

Patricia prepared some very tasty meals for us and I think that is what Christmas is all about, good friends, good food and good times.

We are very fortunate that not only is Patricia a very competent instructor and student of Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho but a talented cook also.

My strengths live in different areas of life and most of it revolves around teaching and training.

With five weeks away from the classes, and ,by the way, we get back to training on the 21st January 2019 I am still going through my mobility, flexibility, strength and skill set routines every day.

This defines who I am…

Use it or Lose it

There is a saying that you may be familiar with which says “Use it or lose it” and I definitely don’t want to “Lose it” especially at my age…do you?!

Back to training news and I am currently in the middle of teaching three private lessons over the course of the next two weeks.

This is for an advanced level female student who has planned well ahead for 2019 as she is likely to be selected to be assessed for her 1st Dan Black Belt next December 2019 and she is studying medicine to qualify as a Doctor starting in January. So she knows that with her family, work commitments and studying that she has to be well prepared for what she want to achieve.

There is a saying that I learned in the Army and that I remind my students of constantly and that is:

“Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”

I have also been asked to teach a private women’s self defence course which I have duly said yes to the two women who contacted me and this takes place on the 16th January 2019 and initially it’s training for a two hour block.

My two instructors Russell 2nd Dan and Emma-Leigh will be assisting me on this course.

Patricia 6th Dan cannot come along as she is in Sydney on that day with my sister Jane who is flying in from England on the 7th January to stay with us.

Going back to a previous date, you may be aware that I organised our Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho end of year Party and Awards which was held after our last training classes of 2018 on Thursday the 13th December.

It was such an inspiring evening with some good food and drinks along with great company and all enjoyed themselves immensely, including me of course.

I had so much positive feedback and thanks from students and their families about our training ethics, leadership, team work, life skills and character building that we pass onto all of our students aged from 7 years old; Harley is one of our 7 year olds and Gunter is 78 years old!

So very touching to get this feedback and be appreciated and thanked continues to inspire me to do even more for all students at training and to look out for them and their families outside of training.

As human beings we need to be part of a social group of like minded people and that is what we have here so long may it continue with a lot more new students coming along in 2019.

I have posted the award winners on Face Book and on our website but here are the winners again if you have missed it:

2018 Combat Self Defence Awards:

Most Improved Student Award – Senior Class

Paul Hindmarsh

Most Improved Student Award – Junior Class

Ceana Flanagan

Special Award –- Junior Class Coach

Russell Brown 2nd Dan

Special Award –- Junior Class Coach

Emma-Leigh Berry

Special Award –- Junior Class Coach

Sophie Sullivan

Andy Meek Fighting Spirit Award – Senior Class

Marco Nadal 2nd Dan

Andy Meek Fighting Spirit Award – Junior Class

Rylan Kajewski

Warrior Award

David Garratt

Here are a couple of photos of the Christmas Party Awards evening:

Don’t forget if you would like me to organise private lessons/training for you, your family and friends along with specialised self defence courses then please give me or Patricia a call on 07 5442 7849.

See you in 2019.

Til next time.

Stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan