Specialised Training Courses

Your Opportunity To Take Your Skills To a Higher Level”

Our courses are designed for everyone who wants to learn the skills of personal protection and self defence whilst improving knowledge of our Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho training principles.

These specialised courses will also accelerate mindfulness, intent, co-ordination and fighting fitness.

They are very popular with Combat Self Defence students, the general public, businesses, schools, security, law enforcement and martial artists.

Safe Dynamic and Disciplined

All of our courses are safe, disciplined, dynamic and exciting in a unique method of lead by example instruction.

The following are some of the courses that are available:

  • Army Unarmed Combat Self Defence – Beginner to advanced level
  • Self Defence for Women
  • Self Defence for Children
  • Pressure Point Self Defence
  • Weapons – Sticks and Knives Defence
  • Army Bodyweight Conditioning
  • Flexibility Training
  • Instructor Courses
  • Private Lessons
  • Outdoor Self Defence

Taught By Shihan Martin Day and assisted by his senior instructors.

No passing the buck here and no egos, or attitudes.

Just focused training.

The majority of our specialised courses take place at Noosa Leisure Centre and are pay as you train.

Minimum Age and Vetting

The only caveats are age restrictions for the weapons courses (Knives).

Minimum age is 10 years old.

Strict vetting procedures are in place to ensure that these skills are not taught to people with the wrong attitude and who may abuse the skills they have learned.

We Can Travel To You

Courses can take place at a suitable location of your choice if you don’t want to train at either of our two training facilities in Noosa and Eumundi.

Restricted Group Sizes

To ensure that each participant receives more personal instruction, we may restrict numbers on the course.

For more information just give us a call on 5442 7849 or send an email.

Weapon Defence Course

Protect yourself against an attacker using a knife.
We all need to be able to protect ourselves, our families and our friends.

A lone attacker or a gang could seriously injure or kill you. They may do this for absolutely no reason. They may be out of their mind and have massive strength due to taking drugs.

So what are you going to do to survive an attack?

My priority is to show you the skills and the mindset for you to be able to STOP these criminals in their tracks so that they are no longer a threat to you so that you can walk away safely to live another day.

When: Saturday 01/02/2020
Time: 1pm until 3 pm
Where: Noosa Leisure Centre
Cost: $60 each – Minimum age is 12 Years Old
Contact: Martin or Patricia on 5442 7849

Shihan Martin Day                           

7th Dan