Self Defence and Self Protection Courses

“Our Battle Proven Self Defence Training Arms You with Army Unarmed Combat Skills Which Will Save You from Serious Injury If Attacked”

Shihan Martin Day taught this military based system to the military, security units, Police, Law enforcement agencies and tactical units and decided to adapt it to the needs of the civilian and broader community.

We teach you real world, effective, no-nonsense street situation self defence protection using mindset, vital principles and instinctive body movements.

If it works for the military all over the world in various theatres of war then it will work for you.

Martin served for 20 years in the British Army and over 30 years teaching martial arts.

Pressure Point Targeting, Locks and Holds

All skills taught include targeted pressure point striking and manipulation in order to stop the threat immediately via a KO or for restraint which is where locks and holds are used in conjunction with pressure points.

It doesn’t matter if you are up against a big strong attacker.

Defeat Attackers Easily and Immediately

The result remains the same because you will be able to defeat them easily and immediately using our unique self defence training principles and actions.

Martin guarantees that when you book a course of self defence training with him and his male and female team of Black Belts you are guaranteed to learn a unique and powerful system of self defence that will give you a huge amount of self confidence and skills that will set you up for life.

There is no ‘What if this doesn’t work on an attacker’ situation as happens in most other organisations and no ‘Blindly’ following an instructor who has no experience of having to deal with violence.

Combat Self Defence training gives you the confidence, intent and ability to deal with empty hand or armed attacks from one or multiple attack scenarios.

Our Courses Are Specifically Tailored to Businesses and Other Groups

We also provide self defence courses that are specifically designed and tailored to businesses in Noosa or other areas of the Sunshine Coast, in Brisbane and further afield for employers and employees who feel vulnerable & want to enhance their personal safety.

Come To Us Or We Come To You

You can train at our locations or we can travel to you.

We provide

  • Beginner level courses
  • Intermediate level courses
  • Advanced courses

Some of the subjects covered on our Self Protection and Self Defence Courses:

  • Mindset
  • Security Assessments
  • Awareness, Positioning and Other Principles
  • Distance Control
  • How to be a Hard target
  • How Not To Be Perceived as a Victim
  • How To Implement Security Alert Codes
  • Situational Awareness
  • Attack and Defence Scenarios
  • Central Nervous System Responses
  • Developing Speed and Power
  • Correct Targeting of Over 200 Trauma Points On The Body

Community Groups

*If you would like to take advantage of no cost self defence training then give us a call to discuss.

We would love to hear from you to book you in.

Just speak with Martin or Patricia on 5442 7849 or via email.

*Certain terms and conditions apply

Self Defence Against Weapons Course