Private Self Defence Training

One on One Private Self Defence Training

An Amazing Opportunity to Learn Unarmed and Armed Combat Self Defence with Shihan Martin Day 8th Dan and Sensei Patricia Fast 6th Dan

I’ve lost count of the many people that I have trained via private lessons.

What I do know is that one on one training with us is a fast track method to propel your mind set, skills, knowledge and understanding of self-defence to the highest level.

We live in dangerous times and the skills you will learn will save your life in a high threat scenario.

Individually Tailored Training

Our private lessons are designed uniquely to your requirements, so if you are about to go travelling, just about to start University, are about to or are serving in the Police, Armed Forces, Army, Navy or Air Force then you need our training.

Maybe you want the confidence of knowing that you can protect yourself.

We will prepare you to meet specific threats that you may encounter.

Don’t be a victim

Learn self-defence and self-protection skills at the highest level.

British Army methods as I learned and taught during my service.

Defence against weapons and utilising weapons to protect yourself.

Holds, locks, restraints and pressure point striking.

The skills you will learn are dynamic and exciting and are principle based.

For more information and to book your place call us on +61 (07) 5448 2383 or via our contact form on this website.


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