Children’s Classes (Age 7 – 12 Years)

Get Skills for Life & Skills for Success with Our Unique Training

Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho martial arts training classes for children in Noosa builds strength, agility, movement, teamwork and character, and even though our classes are tough and challenging, they are positive and fun.

We are NOT a belt factory or a nursery.

Our unique self defence training provides children with goal setting skills and lifelong habits that will ensure they are not only successful in life…they are also going to be able to stop bullies in their tracks, and consequently never be picked on again.

We show them how to be part of a team (Army style!) with genuine friends sharing this same experience.

Our guarantee is that if they follow our training principles they will, without a shadow of a doubt, become a success in all areas of their lives.

We instil self-discipline, positive and inspirational self defence training that builds a very high sense of self worth in all students.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan along with Sensei Patricia 6th Dan, Russ 2nd Dan and his senior coaches are present in every class leading by example and doing everything they can to empower students with effective self defence, martial arts and life skills.

All students receive regular life skills newsletters which they are required to learn, answer the questions in a written format, demonstrate and put into practice inside and outside of our classes.

They will be taught about how the human body is vulnerable and about targeting specific areas to control a situation.

They will be taught Army alert codes and situational awareness for life.

 Every single student will be able to hone their subconscious thought processes to deal with all types of situations they may be confronted with, this along with teamwork, leadership and looking out for each other in and out of training are a major part of our training.

They will also learn respect, get super fit and skilled and make friends for life.

We show them how to have a positive attitude about themselves and their future and we help them to grow up safely and respect their family, friends and school teachers.

We are proud that our self defence and martial arts training for children and adults in Noosa is the best.

Take advantage of our 2 free trial classes and you will see.


Our Combat Self Defence classes take place every Monday and Thursday starting at 5pm and finishing at 6pm during school term times only.

We provide family discounts and there are no contracts.

Specialised courses are held once per month on a Saturday afternoon at Noosa Leisure Centre.

See you at training.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan Black Belt