Advanced Adult & Teenagers Training Classes (Aged 12-65)

“Best Self Defence and Martial Arts Training Available”

With over 40 years experience in martial arts and self-defence you know that you’re going to get the “Real Deal” in learning self-defence and martial arts.

We strongly believe that we are the best at what we do.

Our British Army teaching format encourages all students to enjoy learning skills and becoming part of a like-minded team.

Our uniquely qualified Black Belt instructors always lead by example and explain the reasons for every action based on self-defence.

No practicing shapes with no martial applications as many organisations unfortunately do.

As we say:

“Drills build the skills!”


“Question Everything.”

After all it’s you that may end up having to protect yourself and if you haven’t been taught the right stuff then you’re in BIG trouble.

We also teach the martial art of Filipino Kyusho, Sinawali and Filipino Boxing.


  • Principle Based Learning
  • Situational Awareness
  • Army Unarmed Combat
  • Pressure Point Striking
  • Knife Defence
  • Blunt Weapon Defence – Sticks
  • Bodyweight Conditioning
  • Pad Drills
  • Colour Coded Alert States
  • Teamwork and Leadership Instruction
  • Explosive Power Transfer
  • Speed and Fitness

Combat Self Defence teaches you how to use your training skills so that you are able to avoid an altercation or any other type of dangerous situation.

It’s about you being able to protect yourself, your family and friends.

These methods worked for me and my soldiers and they will definitely work for you.

It’s also about honing our subconscious thought processes to deal with all types of situations.

Just give us a call on 07 5442 7849 to book your free trial class.

Class Times

Our Combat Self Defence classes take place on Mondays & Thursdays from 6 pm until 7.15 pm school term time only.

See you at training.