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“Shihan specialises in knife combat training”


Self Defence Classes

Our British Army teaching format allows all of our Combat Self Defence team members to learn vitally important skills and knowledge passed down from Shihan and his team of Black Belt instructors.

Bodyweight conditioning warm ups and warm downs will explode your fitness, mobility and flexibility levels and you will become part of a like-minded team.

We don’t want you to blindly follow techniques and shapes like some other organisations get you to do with no street self-protection applications.

This is extremely dangerous.

If you follow techniques that don’t work it could get you killed.

We have a saying:

Techniques get you killed – training principles will keep you safe.

Combat Self Defence teaches you how to use your training skills so that you are able to avoid an altercation or any other type of dangerous situation.

It’s also about honing subconscious thought processes to deal with all types of situations.

Class Times

Mondays 6 pm until 7.15 pm

Thursday’s 6 pm until 7’15 pm

Call +61 (07) 5448 2383 to book your free trial class.


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