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Injure The Attacker So That You Are In Control

  There’s a lot of distractions going on out there what with this Covid-19 situation. An attacker may well take advantage of you. He knows that you may have a lot on your mind and he is looking for that opportunity to injure you. Over the past weeks since we have started to enjoy the […]

Combat Self Defence Noosa Training Tips – “Practice Makes Perfect Sense!”

“I fear not the man who practices 10,000 techniques once, but the man who practices one technique 10,000 times.” The meaning of this old Chinese saying is clear. The ‘secret’ to being able to achieve perfect, precise and advanced actions and techniques incorporating our Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho training principles both physically and […]

How to Neutralise a Weapon Attack

Firstly, great news! Our new website is up and running and it now means that you can now order my training books and DVD’s as downloads and order various training equipment as well. Here is my new website: If you notice anything that isn’t working on the site then please let me know. Gary […]

Situational Awareness Alert Codes and How It Protects You

This is my first training article of 2019 and yes, I do realise that we are nearly halfway through February! We have been busy, busy with me teaching private lessons and private self defence courses to people on the local area along with filming 3 ‘Fighting Sticks’ DVD’s and my sister Jane from England stayed […]