Become A Hard Target

Have you come across the term ‘Hard target?’

We used this a lot during my Army service and if we failed to implement NOT being a hard target then it could and did on a few incidents result in serious injury and or death.

So what do I mean by being a hard target?

Well, when closing with the enemy whilst we were on active duty patrols…they would look for a ‘Switched off” patrol who are not alert and not conducting themselves with confidence and intent on their patrol tasks.

On the other hand the “Switched on,” alert, confident army patrols with that magic word “intent” would usually be left alone by the enemy terrorist group as they didn’t want to risk being countered and destroyed by them.

I’ve seen it.

The switched off patrol getting into trouble and sustaining casualties.

IED’s and ambushes were the norm.

Fortunately, all the patrols I’ve been involved in were switched on and giving a signal to the enemy that said ‘Don’t mess with us!’

So how does this relate to you as a civilian?

I’m sure that you can see the comparison when you are going about your daily activities and surmising the risk of being observed as a victim (Switched off.)

Here is a task for you:

Next time you are out and about in a shopping area take time out to sit down with a cup of coffee and observe how people are behaving.

  • Are they aware of their surroundings?
  • Are they alert in Code Yellow (See previous posts)?
  • Are they wearing hoodies and have earphones?
  • Are they wearing practical footwear?
  • What about valuables in full view?
  • Have they got car keys in their hand ready to go before unlocking and getting into their car?
  • Do they lock the car doors once inside and are their windows up?
  • Is their vehicle parked in a position whereby they can drive off immediately without reversing?

If they exhibit some of the types of behaviour listed above (then they are NOT hard targets and the chance of them being attacked is extremely high.

On the other hand if you implement being a HARD TARGET then you have reduced the chances of being attacked.

Until next time be careful out there.

By the way, I have filmed a few more self-defence drills for you which I will put up on social media and here.

Will get them out as soon as I can.

Shihan Martin Day