Be Vigilant and Don’t Be a Victim of Random Violence

We live in dangerous times and I’m not just talking about the virus.

I’m talking about the threat of you being physically attacked.

These low lives may even be wearing face masks which makes it difficult for you and the police to identify them.

I wouldn’t rely on the police to come to your aid though…

Most are on virus and border duties and they are understaffed.

So, back to the scenario of you being attacked…

Did you know that it literally lasts for only a few seconds.

Enough to change the course of your life forever…with the possibility that you may be badly injured or killed.

You need to take the potential for the threat of being attacked seriously.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a so called quiet area.

The danger is everywhere and can be totally unexpected.

Don’t be complacent.

Be vigilant.

Out on the street, in the workplace, in your home, outside your home, at school, at the shops, the pub, in your car or on public transport.

The list goes on.

You need to become your own defensive weapon.

And the chances of that happening has increased according to crime statistics.

So what do you do to stay safe?

Well, there are actions that you can carry out that will deter an attack.

If you are training or have trained in self defence and martial arts then you should know what to do.

If you have to do what it takes to stop the attacker, then your training has prepared you for the situation.

Violent criminals generally go for people acting fearfully and weak.

They can literally smell it!

They very rarely choose confident, strong and determined people.

Criminals look for an easy target.

So make sure the target isn’t you.

Have the intent and plan to avoid dangerous situations.

Listen to your intuition.

Most importantly, ensure that you have the correct training based on principles.

Techniques are easy once you understand the principles.

I have a number of downloadable DVD’s to help you.

Unarmed combat, knives and sticks, the choice is yours.

Be careful out there and be prepared!

Shihan Martin Day