As Deadly as a Dolphin

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan demonstrates self defence with Deadly Dolphin self defence tool

I paid a visit to my local RSL club for lunch in Cooroy the other day and got myself a seat by the window.

As I was waiting for a nice healthy lunch I peered out of the big bi-fold windows I was sat next to in order to watch the world going by.

The RSL (Returned and Services League) is located next to the town’s high street with vehicles going about their business along with pedestrians doing the same.

So, picture the scene, a pedestrian crossing about 100 metres away from a roundabout and people are just stepping off the pavement to cross the road near the roundabout.

A few near misses with vehicles having to break, but no matter, these blinkered pedestrians kept crossing at the most dangerous points in the road instead of using the crossing point a dozen paces away.

As we all know, cars have to stop for you when you cross on the zebra and they can see you better so you are safe and of course not breaking the law!

All comes back to awareness and…positioning – the first two principle of self defence!

I’m waiting for some road rage incidents to occur and then see what happens.

Are you ready in case someone has a go at you verbally or physically on the road, on the pavement, in a shop or in a car park?

If you are not aware and do not position yourself correctly then you are likely to get hurt by an aggressor.

If you haven’t trained in self defence are you ready to utilise an object like a mobile phone, a set of keys or anything that you are carrying or something else that is available to you…

Like the “Deadly Dolphin!”

Designed by my good friend Grandmaster Angelo Baldissone 8th Dan (FKA) UK it is lethal when in the right hands.

This legal self defence tool fits easily onto your key ring and is about 13 cm in length and is 4cm wide at it’s widest point.

It’s fantastic for use as a striking and a restraining tool and it gives you a huge amount of confidence when you know how to use it.

I am running the first ever Deadly Dolphin course in Australia this Saturday and it is open to everyone – age limit applies.

Course is on the 19th August 2017 at Noosa Leisure Centre from 1pm until 3pm.

For further details call me on 07 5442 7849 or just turn up on the day.

You will be pleased that you did.

Til next time stay safe.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan

Combat Self Defence Noosa.