Are You Tyred? Colin Was…

Combat Self Defence All Day Outdoor Training Course

We had a fantastic time at my all day Combat Self Defence Outdoor Training Course at Luther Heights, Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast recently.

All 56 on the course did their very best and even when they were worn out towards the end of the day they still didn’t give up.

They just dug deep and kept going the way we all should when we are determined to achieve and succeed.

So, from the youngest and to the oldest (61 years) it was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday.

Even though it is winter here in Australia, our day gave us perfect weather conditions.

A warm 23-25c sunny and dry day.

The threat of rain disappeared as it has always done on the many outdoor courses I have conducted not only here but on the south coast of England as well.

Someone “Up there’ must be looking out for us so whomever it is a big THANK YOU!

People have asked me what I teach and how we spent the day.

I tell them that the location is great, 28 acres overlooking the ocean with a team of kitchen staff keeping us all going with refreshments and a sit down lunch in the air-conditioned dining room, and what made our course even more special was the fact that there weren’t any other groups using the facility that day.

We covered many aspects of training, too much to go into detail here.

Teamwork, leadership, command tasks and the ‘Dreaded” obstacle course.

At this point, you may be wondering about the heading of this article, namely,

 “Are You Tyred? Colin Was..”

Combat Self Defence Obstacle Course on All Day Outdoor Training Course

You see, when I split the students into teams with commanders and 2/ic’s army style, the second team to go over the obstacle course were fine until they reached the line of truck and ute tyres which they had to wriggle through like snakes as the tyres were close together and they were cemented into the ground so that the tyres remained upright.

So, apart from being attacked in droves by dive bombing mosquitoes and those painful and pesky sand flies and ants.

I got the teams into all round defence in the prone position whilst they were waiting to tackle the obstacle course.

All you could hear were the slapping of hands trying to keep said insects off their skin!

I told the students not to wear shorts and or singlets!

Colin, one of the bigger guys and himself an ex Australian Army soldier somehow managed to get himself stuck halfway though one of the tyres.

We had four guys – two on each of Colin’s legs trying to pull him out.

Thought they were going to rip his legs off..

After what seemed a lifetime, the guys – thank you Andrew 1st Dan , Jack and others for getting Colin out of the tyre.

The jokes on Colin were non-stop afterwards and they still are nearly three weeks after the event.

His wife Emma-Leigh and their son Jedd were on the course as well.

That is why we ask Colin if he is still ‘Tyred!”

Patricia and I wouldn’t change our type of training for the world…

It brings people from all walks of life together and brings out the best in them.

“In the face of adversity…”

You know the rest.

Roll on the next outdoor course.

Taking about courses, I have a Focus Pad Drills and Stick Fighting Course coming up on Saturday 22nd July at 1 pm til 3.30 pm.

Let me know if you want to book your place.

Lastly, congratulations to the following students who won awards on the outdoor course:

Combat Self Defence & Filipino Kyusho Top Student Awards:



Combat Self Defence & Filipino Kyusho Fighting Spirit Awards:

Jack 2nd Dan

Jez 1st Dan

Til next time.

Stay safe and look after your health.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan

Combat Self Defence Students having fun on all day outdoor training course