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“For The BEST Self Defence & Personal Protection Training”

Welcome to our organisation.

Self defence is not just about the physical aspect of training.

It’s a lot more than that.

It’s about achieving the correct mindset so that you are able to defeat attackers, even if they are bigger and stronger than you.

Vital Self Defence and Martial Arts Principles

We use over 300 principles and over 200 striking points. Many of these were employed during training of British Army soldiers, including Special Forces.

Knowledge and practice of the principles is the key to being able to protect yourself, your family and your friends from an attack.

Never Give Up

Our training is about never ever giving up and it’s what founder and chief instructor Shihan Martin Day has done his whole life.

Shihan served for 20 years as a senior instructor in the British Army and left with physical and mental injuries that have impacted him ever since.

In 1994 he was told by specialists that due to the debilitating nature of his injuries caused by his army service, he would not be able to do the things he wanted to do and he would end up in a wheelchair by 1996!

So, what did he do?

Well, he decided to never give up and continued to train hard and build his mind and body stronger than it already was.

The result is what people are seeing in the photos, classes, public events and hearing about in the testimonials.

Martin Day has proved the specialists wrong and although his injuries are still there and causing him a lot of pain and discomfort, he is still there doing, as the students say, ‘Amazing and inspirational things taking his knowledge and skills in Combat Self Defence and Filipino Kyusho, training to a higher level in every class and every course’.

I hope that if you or your family and friends have injuries, then what you have read about Martin inspires you to achieve everything you want in life. And that it gives you some hope.

The mind can be either very limiting, or very enabling.

Shihan Martin Day currently holds the grade rank of 7th Dan Black Belt awarded to him by Grandmaster Angelo Baldissone 8th Dan who is the founder of the Filipino Kyusho Association.

His other grades before 7th Dan were awarded to him by other senior level instructors.

Over 40 Years Experience

Martin has over 40 years experience in training people from all around the world in self defence and self protection.

He has taught soldiers, civilians, police, security guards, women’s’ groups, schools, colleges, boxers and martial artists from various combat and fighting arts, and continues to do so with the passion of when he first started out in training all those years ago.

Here’s a bit more about our training:

It’s not just about striking actions in Combat Self Defence.

Power Speed and Mindset

It’s about teaching students how to develop relaxed energy so that the power and speed a student is able to generate stops any attacker dead in their tracks.

It doesn’t matter if the attacker is armed with a knife or a blunt weapon.

It doesn’t matter if there are multiple attackers.

The result is the same.

You will be able to stop the attack immediately so that you are able to walk away safely.

Other skills you learn are:

  • Intent (Mindset)
  • Vital Principles
  • Army Alert codes
  • Situational awareness
  • Army unarmed combat
  • Filipino Kyusho – Pressure points
  • Arrest and restraints
  • Locks and holds
  • Weapon training – knife and stick defence
  • Army physical training
  • Flexibility & bodyweight conditioning
  • Teamwork, coaching and leadership

Combat Self Defence training is unique.

On the TV radio and in the newspapers and magazines

Martin and his students have been featured on the ABC, Channel 7 News and in various martial arts magazines including Blitz, Combat and Commando.

Martin Day – The Author

Shihan Martin Day has written 3 books and filmed a number of training DVD’s.

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Other points about our training:

  • Modern, dynamic and safe
  • Separate classes for children, teenagers and adults
  • Training for 12 to 65 year olds
  • Positive discipline
  • No contracts
  • Pay as you train
  • Family and veteran discounts
  • Regular Assessments, Courses, Seminars & Outdoor Training
  • Exciting and fun

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