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Grandmaster (Shihan) Martin Day 8th Dan has spent 40 years teaching self-defence and martial arts.

His Army career spanned 20 years serving in elite regiments.
He’s renowned worldwide for his devastatingly powerful self-defence and self-protection system of training and he specialises in street situation self-defence including weapons and in particular knife defence.
He’s been featured on the TV, in magazines and newspapers and is the author of training books and DVD’s.
It doesn’t matter how big and strong the attackers are because we will teach you the skills and knowledge required to stop them dead in their tracks.
The world is becoming more dangerous and unpredictable and you cannot rely on law enforcement to save you from being attacked..
You need to take action now to counter the threat and learn how to protect yourself and your family.
Our training principles and spiritual based knowledge will show you how to achieve a formidable mindset and physical capabilities.
Shihan has taught these unique training drills and skills to the British Army, NZ Defence Force, Police, Security Personnel and senior martial arts instructors.
We are registered and insured with Martial Arts Australia.
See you at training and stay safe.


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