A Slippery Snake And Even More Slippery Human Attackers

Well, it’s snake catcher Luke Huntley in the photograph grappling with a large python as you can see!

Luke is also one of our new beginner students and in his words “Loving our training!’

It goes without saying that he has to be very switched on with awareness, preparation and planning, situational awareness and speed of reactions.

One false move could result in death when he’s dealing with Taipan’s, Browns, Red Bellied Blacks and similar.

What a job!

But Luke loves it so if you are located in the Sunshine Coast area and have a snake situation then give him a call on 0499 920 290.

He catches and releases the snakes or other critters to a safe bushland location.

Luke NEVER injures the snakes or critters BTW.

Got me thinking about our training principles.

So, regardless whether you are confronting a snake or a beefed up human being you need to:

Assess the situation

Prepare to plan

Execute your plan

If it’s a beefed up human or anyone that is a potential threat and the only way you can escape the attack situation is to cause an INJURY or INJURIES so that they cannot continue their attack.

I know it’s not easy, but if you are able to use your INTENT via regular training then you are already ahead.

Don’t look into their eyes though…

Many people who have been involved in a pre-emptive attack have been distracted by looking into the attackers eyes and they have suffered the penalty for it.

If you’re distracted then you are very vulnerable.

I suggest looking at the top of their head above their eyebrows instead of looking at their eyes.

This way you won’t get intimidated and distracted and you still have your peripheral vision.

More self defence tips coming up again for you soon.

Keep safe and keep alert in Code Yellow and if you are local and a Combat Self Defence student then don’t forget to come along and train in my next specialised course.

It’s ‘Defence Against Sticks & Blunt Weapons’.

Saturday the 20th February 2021.

Noosa Leisure Centre.

1 pm until 2 pm.

1 pm until 2.30 pm for Black and Brown Belts.

There is a fee for the course.

Shihan Martin Day