Welcome, I’m Shihan Martin Day the originator of Combat Self Defence.

I and my training team teach adults and children aged from 12 to 65 vital self protection principles, safety alert codes, skills, knowledge and fighting fitness, so that they are able to defend themselves, their families and their friends from any type of attack including multiple attackers.

I trained as a soldier in the British Army for over 20 years and progressed to be a senior instructor. I knew how to get the best out of my soldiers and I know how to get the best out of you!

Also, as a 7th Dan Black Belt instructor in self defence and martial arts and holding the appointment of Australasia’s chief instructor for Filipino Kyusho; I have the battle experience and expertise to ensure that you will progress your self defence and martial arts skills to the highest level and at the same time become an essential member of our great team.

We are all about improving your self esteem and self confidence to the highest level possible.

I have been teaching army unarmed combat self defence and martial arts for nearly 40 years.

I’m extremely proud and fortunate to have been able to teach the military, police, martial artists, security guards and civilians from all over the world the effective skills of self defence and self protection.

My mission is to ensure that you learn these self defence skills with precision and respect. I do not allow arrogance, ego or bullying behaviour. Our training is about tough, no-nonsense, team building, lead by example training.

My bodyweight, flexibility and power generation routines will get you into the best fighting fit shape ever and my knife and weapon defence drills will give you even more skills and self confidence.

I and my students have been featured on the television, on the radio, in the newspapers and in various martial arts magazines both here on the Sunshine Coast, in the UK and the US.

Combat Self Defence training is tough, controlled and effective.

Come along and find out why we are the leaders in self defence.

Martin Day





Testimonial from Andy

Hi Shihan,

Thank you for the award last night. I was very surprised and very honoured to receive it.

I’ve included a few photos of my first competitive offshore outrigger canoe race last weekend.

The race was a 10km course and it was challenging but so worth it at the finish line. I will be racing on the Gold Coast on the 16th January 2021 and I’m in the Senior Men’s 16km race and I am really enjoying the competition and the mental and physical improvement it brings.

I wanted to share this with you because without Combat Self Defence this would never have happened.

When I finally built up the courage to walk in to my first CSD class I was an old ex rugby player, the wrong side of 50 with buggered knees and a dodgy hip!

I was on the edge of getting old before my time and on a slippery slope to complacency and deteriorating health.

In Combat Self Defence I found a group of friendly, supportive and amazing people of all ages.

Your leadership, with the help of Sensei Patricia, Russell and the other Black Belts has created a great club with an amazing sense of purpose and friendship.

You may not know it but the Combat Self Defence training and ethos not only prepares us for the bad and the ugly that exists out there, it also gives a healthy, confident and determined mindset that teaches us to excel, challenge and appreciate the good .

It literally changes people’s lives!

Thank you!

Testimonial from Luke

Thank you guys so much! I can’t stop smiling. People on my jobs today will probably think there’s something wrong with me 😂 I had the best time. Absolutely something I want to make a regular thing and push myself with. It’s really given me a focus and something to look forward to. I can’t wait for next Friday. Thank you both so much! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys next week ☕️ you guys are awesome!